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Booth 691

Stop by booth #691 to learn about IMSA Fire Alarm Certification programs which are based on fire protection curriculum from accredited institutions as well as current codes, regulations, and established industry practices. They provide not only a formalized review process, but also practical application of information presented.

As requirements for today’s fire alarm and emergency signaling systems have become more complex and demand for qualified persons to install, operate, maintain, and inspect them is growing, proper training is a necessity. IMSA’s two-day programs are designed to keep technicians current with technology changes and increase proficiency of maintenance and code enforcement personnel while reducing the incidence of unnecessary false alarms. Interior Fire Alarm Levels I and II are now updated to reflect the requirements and changes in the 2016 edition of NFPA 72.

IMSA, established in 1896, is dedicated to providing quality certification programs for the safe installation, operation and maintenance of public safety systems. The driving purpose of the organization is to keep members up to date on proper procedures in the industry. Through continuing dedication to public safety, IMSA has gained recognition and influence with local, state, provincial and national governments, as well as other professional organizations.


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