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Issue 74 - June 2018

Fire safety is, understandably, a primary concern for designers of today’s built environment, and glazing can play a vital role in achieving this. In this article we discuss the fire-protective

Building regulations require certain elements of a structure to have fire resistance. Whether or not an element requires fire resistance depends on the size of the building, what it will

One of the consequences of modern living with its obtundents of high energy foods and energy saving devices is that it is all too easy to consume more energy than

As new modern building design for steel structures emerges with the use of new materials and methods, the application of best practice in the supply chain has never been more

TLX Technologies introduced its newest actuation device for fire suppression systems at the 2018 Intersec Expo in Dubai, UAE. This patented, high-pressure supervised latching actuator allows for fully-engaged installation detection

One of the trickiest challenges a fire fighter will ever face is a full-surface blaze at a storage tank containing flammable fluid. Any grade-school student can deduce that water is

Recent events involving high-rise structures around the world, and the inevitable questions these have raised about building regulations, fire testing of materials, materials specification and the installation of partitions, cladding

There are many industries, processes and applications that have a need to protect and save life and property. To that end, they need detection systems and detectors that will be

With continued growth of high-rise and commercial construction across the globe, understanding the role that both passive and active fire protection should play in every new build and retro-fit has

One of the recommendations of Dame Judith Hackitt’s Interim Report on the Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety was that the Government should significantly restrict the use of

With the risks of inherent fire only increasing, we need to develop and install solutions that can mitigate the fires as early in the process as possible. Especially when the

The quote was blunt: “This incident should not have happened in our country in the 21st century.” It came from the preliminary report, released in December, which reviewed the United

Ever since the appalling loss of life in the Grenfell Tower disaster, the UK construction industry has been under intense scrutiny, from the types of building materials that we use,

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