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Johnson Controls announces the Tyco® EG-25 Sprinkler Guard

Johnson Controls has announced that its Tyco® EG-25 Sprinkler Guard is the first FM-approved guard on the market to meet FM Global design guidelines and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements for using a listed guard in areas where sprinklers are exposed to potential damage.

The new sprinkler guard is designed for use with TYCO ESFR-25 pendent sprinklers. These sprinklers provide suppression load performance with ceiling-only fire protection for a wide variety of commodities and storage arrangements, enabling building owners to lease to the widest range of occupiers. When used in in-rack applications, such as the FM Global design guidelines, the ESFR-25 can be combined with the EG-25 guard to help protect the sprinkler from damage that is common to in-rack sprinklers.

The guard’s welded assembly is fabricated from carbon steel, providing protection from mechanical and/or physical damage, including the installation of rack storage sprinklers. The guard does not require any regularly scheduled maintenance; however, proper installation of the EG-25 should be verified during the annual visual inspection of the sprinkler.

To learn more about the EG-25 Sprinkler Guard and Tyco fire sprinkler solutions visit www.tyco-fire.com

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