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Kentec Electronics Ltd

Kentec Electronics Ltd – Compliant extinguishant control technology

With the launch of their much-anticipated Syncro XT+ Multi Area Addressable Extinguishing Panel, Jonathan Gilbert General Manager – Sales & Marketing of Kentec Electronics, reviews the technological foundations of extinguishant control panels.

Most fires cannot be sustained with less than 15% Oxygen, a phenomenon of physics central to the development of inert gas Automatic Fire Extinguishing Systems. It is also a reason why this technology is specified in environments where system continuity is critical, and fire prevention management of the highest reliability is essential.

However, only in recent years has the design and functionality of the control panel for fire protection extinguishing systems been defined by its specification within a common standard.

Kentec was the first company to introduce an EN12094-1:2003 compliant extinguishing panel. Since 1985, the company has specialized in comprehensive systems for extinguishant control together with the design and manufacture of a wide range of standard extinguishing control panels.

EN12094-1 became a harmonized standard in 2006. It is a measure of Kentec’s command of this specialised technology that, at the time of harmonization, the company was the only manufacturer able to apply the CE mark showing compliance with the Construction Products Directive to any type of fire control panel.

Notable developments in the design and functionality of Kentec’s extinguishant control panels and ancillaries have included: the expansion of configuration options for versatile programming; the enhanced wide choice of inputs and outputs; the serial interface to ancillary items such as status indicator units to reduce wiring; and the simple connectivity for ease of installation for rapid commissioning.

At the heart of Kentec’s integrated control solutions for extinguishing systems is the Sigma XT range of extinguishing panels. Simple, powerful and highly configurable, they feature a large range of ancillary items that connect via a serial bus, including: Sigma Si status indicator units with and without controls (including a weatherproof version) and relay output boards for remote control of plant or remote signalling. Many of the characteristics of its authoritative design have been copied by other fire alarm control panel manufacturers.

New Syncro XT+ multi area addressable extinguishing panel launched

The new Syncro XT+ addressable multi-area extinguishant control panel, fully approved to EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4, provides addressable detection over 1 or 2 loops with 16 Zone LED Indicators and is available with up to four extinguishant release control units built in.

The extinguishing modules between the Syncro XT+ and the Sigma XT+ share many common features. The extinguishant control modules on the panel have a comprehensive set of inputs and outputs to monitor and control the extinguishing system whether it be gas, aerosol or another. Being configurable via a simple programming interface means that the panel can be programmed to meet the clients’ specific requirements. All extinguishant areas may have up to 7, serially connected Sigma Si status indication and control units or ancillary relay boards connected via a simple 4-core cable.

Sigma XT+ control panels are multi-area extinguishant control panels complying with EN12094-1, EN54-2 and EN54-4. Up to 8 zones of conventional detection with up to 4 extinguishant areas are available.

Stand-alone extinguishant control units are also available with 2 monitored inputs to receive initiating signals from remote fire detection control panels or addressable modules.

The versatility of the control panel can be enhanced further by the fitting of up to 7 Sigma CP Ancillary boards (K580) or Sigma CP Sounder boards (K461) to the RS485 serial bus.

Simple intuitive configuration

All Sigma XT and Sigma XT+ control panels feature Kentec’s removable bridge plate concept, which makes installation easier and reduces the risk of damage to the panel’s sensitive electronics.

For more information, go to www.kentec.co.uk

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