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LeaveFire – The innovative escape system

LeaveFire – The innovative escape system

How much is your life and the lives of your family member worth?

It’s a tricky question that most of us never ask ourselves, but one we should if we are serious about protecting ourselves but most important our family

  • What are you looking to protect?
  • Why are you looking to protect it?
  • How much is adequate?
  • What is most effective for your life and your family?

The most common and obvious answer it could be: life insurance.

  • Life insurance policies are important
  • Life insurance policies provide insurance protection for the entire life
  • Life insurance policies provide safety and security

But even life insurance policies have limits. More important, life insurance policies cannot guarantee anything in case of fire.

On the issue of security, and in particular on the issue of the fire, the community proves increasingly sensitive and attentive, given the potential life risk and fire damage that can ensure.

The evaluation of the risk of fire is a process by which you specify the risk level in a building together with the actions and measures to make it minimal. In this context, it assumes a major importance if the definition of active protections allow you to bring the risk to an acceptable level. Fire drills are important for all homes, including apartment buildings and other high-rise structures.

Everybody is aware that sometimes the safest thing you can do in a tall building fire is to stay put and await the arrival of firefighters. Even if the building is equipped with sprinklers and smoke alarms, in case of fire, none of us know how we will react psychologically, and often it happens that the way that seems the most logical in a moment of panic (to jump from the window) is certainly the most dangerous.

Following the basic guidelines, staying by the windows is one the most important things to do. For this reason we developed LeaveFire®. Knowing that LeaveFire® is out of your window or on your balcony, you will aware to not jump into the void.

LeaveFire® keeps you safe as it is designed to provide a means of escape route quickly to escape during a building fire. Worldwide each year tens of thousands of people die and are injured in building fires. LeaveFire® does not pretend to reset these figures, but tries to reduce them significantly. LeaveFire®, is very easy to use. Mounted on the wall next to your window or on your balcony, LeaveFire® is always ready to use. In case of fire you have just to open the LeaveFire® box, grab the harness, wear it and leave the fire behind you. LeaveFire® will bring you down to ground level at a speed of 1 m/sec.

LeaveFire – The innovative escape system

LeaveFire – The innovative escape system

LeaveFire® comes in 4 different types

  • Classic
  • Multi
  • Rescue
  • Professional

The LeaveFire® Classic can be use several times because is retractable. There is no limit on how many people can use it. We have the LeaveFire® Classic 3, LeaveFire® Classic 6, LeaveFire® Classic 12, LeaveFire® Classic 24 and LeaveFire® Classic 36. It suitable for buildings from 3 floors up to 36 floors (10 m/32 ft – 120 m/393 ft).

The LeaveFire® Multi is not retractable. It can be used by more people continuously and can be customized under client specifications. In this family we have the LeaveFire® Multi 4, LeaveFire® Multi 6, LeaveFire® Multi 8, LeaveFire® Multi 10 and LeaveFire® Multi 12. It suitable for the use from 4 till 12 people at once from height from 60m/196 ft till 18 m/60 ft.

The LeaveFire® Rescue can be used in situation where you need to escape even in case of a non-fire emergency. It can be used on cable car, cranes, and boats. There are the LeaveFire® Rescue 30, LeaveFire® Rescue 60, LeaveFire® Rescue 120, LeaveFire® Rescue 240. It suitable for height from 30 m/98 till 240 m/787 ft.

The LeaveFire® Professional can be customized under client specification. The main areas where it can be used are in oil plants, oil refineries, gas and chemical plants.

LeaveFire® is designed with the newest know-how. Its functioning is based on hydraulic technology.


  • is totally fireproof
  • has the SWL of 200 Kg.
  • has the MBL of 1500 Kg
  • has a descent speed of 1m/second
  • has a vertical speed (in the retractable use) of 3 m/second
  • has KEVLAR® tape
  • requires no power supply
  • is always ready to use

And now, how much is your life and the lives of your family member? Of course, priceless! LeaveFire®, the way to get outside quickly and safely. Stop and think for a moment.

For more information email info@leavefire.com

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