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Issue 64 – December 2015

“Smart cities” – urban developments that make use of cutting-edge communications technology to streamline the provision of services, such as education, transport and waste management – have been widely hailed around the world as the future of city planning. We

Not so long ago, fire safety codes and standards only existed in the more industrialized nations. But a lot has changed in just a little bit of time. Today more governments, fire and life safety officials, manufacturers and nonprofit organizations

Crude oil tank fires pose a difficult operational and budgetary decision, as it relates to fire protection and emergency response for tank storage facility owners and operators due to the probability of escalation, and Boilover. Although the probability of a full

Choosing and specifying the most appropriate fire extinguishing system for the right location can be a complex and often bewildering task. There’s probably never been more choice on the market, representing a variety of different approaches, plus there are an

Today, there are a large variety of complex fire suppression systems available on the market. From traditional water-based sprinkler systems, the simplest and most widely used, to CO2, chemical and inert gas systems; each technology has unique advantages and disadvantages

The fire suppression systems of today are rapid and effective solutions to safely extinguish dangerous and damaging fires. That effectiveness however is lost when critical components are left uninstalled. Extinguishing systems are utilized in a wide array of applications and are

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