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Multi-Band Flame Detector from Polon-Alfa

Multi-Band Flame Detector from Polon-Alfa


PPW-40REx detector provides high flame detection efficiency of fuels containing hydrocarbons, while maintaining a high immunity to false alarms due a set of three infrared sensors operating in different bands. It is intended for use in potentially explosive mixtures of gases and vapors of flammable liquids with air (ATEX subgroups IIA, IIB, IIC)and in explosive air mixtures of combustible dust (ATEX subgroups IIIA, IIIB, IIIC).Detector is designed for indoor and outdoor application.

Key features

Outputs: alarm and fault relays, current loop output.

Automatic optics’ test. The self-test is performed on the detector every 1 minute. This eliminates the need of testing the detector by the technician with open flame or other source causing detector’s activation.

Manual optics’ test. Manually made test works like automatic one with the difference that the successful test causes the activation of fire relay „ALARM”. Manual test should be carried out just to eliminate the need for testing the detector with open flame or other source causing its activation.


The detector is equipped with the RS-485 interface, which cooperates with the service software. This software allows for:

– Providing information about the detector’s mode of operation to a PC,

– Selection of the relay’s operating mode („latch”, „without latch”),

– Execution of optics test,

– Download of „EVENT LOG”.

Event LOG

The detector records and stores events in non-volatile memory. Each event is stored with the following information: current date, time, temperature in the detector and value of supply voltage.



More information at www.polon-alfa.pl

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