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NanoMist Fire Safety (NFS) Company Launches Commercialisation Plan Of NanoMist Hybrid Fire Protection System

As a result of continued basic and applied research, combined with independent laboratory studies, NFS, USA is pleased to announce the launch of its latest class of fire suppression product, NHS technology. Also, they announce James & Philips International (JPI), UAE as their Commercialisation Partner.

Dr K. C. Adiga, NFS’s CEO, said: “NanoMist Fire Safety (NFS) specializes in NanoMist Hybrid System (NHS), a blend of gas-like water mist and an inert gas (nitrogen). NanoMist® is produced at ambient pressure by a patented system. The nearly molecular level blend of water mist and inert gas produce the synergistic cooling and inerting effects due to two agents and enhance the performance; quick extinction and needing only a small amount of water at reasonable safe oxygen level. Extremely small droplets (<10 microns) vaporize instantaneously leaving a relatively dry surface. These unique features make NHS an ideal agent for data centres and other applications with minimal collateral damage due to water”.

Dr Adiga announced: “We are very pleased to announce the appointment of JPI – UAE as the Commercialization Partner. Jim Jose, along with Mr Joseph C Petersen Jr, JPI’s Sr. M&A Consultant, manages NHS commercialization activities globally.

For more information please visit: www.nanomistfiresafety.com
JPI company information: www.jamesandphilips.com/about-us.html

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