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New Beam Smoke Detector From Polon-Alfa

New Beam Smoke Detector From Polon-Alfa

The DOP-6001R beam smoke detector from POLON-ALFA is designed for the detection of smoke in the early stage of fire growth. It is particularly suitable for the protection of large-area rooms where it would normally be necessary to use a substantial number of point smoke detectors.

The DOP-6001R detector analyses the mean value of smoke density and therefore is particularly for buildings with high ceilings or in situations where smoke can be scattered in a large area before it is detected. The beam detectors are particularly recommended for applications such as churches, cathedrals, historical buildings with aesthetically challenging ceilings, theatres, opera-houses, sports halls, manufacturing plants and other high-ceiling rooms in which point detectors would be ineffective.

The DOP-6001R detector is equipped with fire and fault-potential-free relay output for operation in fire detection systems of other manufacturers.

Specific Features

  • The transmitter and the receiver are placed in a single casing. An infrared radiation beam reflects from a special prismatic reflector, so it is not necessary to connect the transmitter and the receiver with cabling, as is the case with most detectors on the market that have the transmitter and receiver in separate casings and require cabling. Installation cost is decreased.
  • A built-in laser pointer enables easy and accurate adjustment of the optical path of the detector. With conventional detectors this is labour intensive, particularly over distances.
  • The special prismatic reflector has the additional feature of infrared beam concentration, directing it to the receiver. This allows the installation of reflectors on walls and structures that are subject to small vibrations due to presence of heavy machines, as well as deformations as a result of large temperature changes.
  • A processor detector with a self-adjusting supported memory analyses the protected area. A decision regarding the fire alarm condition is undertaken after three verifications of measured value and comparison with different models.
  • The detector provides early warning to service personnel that the optical structure is soiled.
  • Its virtually flat sensitivity is independent of the dimensions of smoke particles, which boosts the detector’s versatility.
  • The DOP-6001R protects large areas with a single beam detector.
  • Sensitivity thresholds can be set depending on the distance between detector and reflector, and depending on environmental conditions.
  • EN54 approval by LPCB approval is currently in progress.
Technical Data
Operating voltage From 9.5 to 28 V
Operating current (depending on control panel)  From 8 to 30 mA
Alarm current From 20 to 100 mA
Current at break of light beam < 0.3 mA
Service signal current < 0.3 mA
Operation distance with E39-R8 reflector 5 to 50 metres
Operation distance with set of reflectors 4 x E39-R8 50 to 100
metres Sensitivity thresholds (at choice) 18%, 30%, 50%
Number of detectors in one conventional line According to project
Load of fire and fault alarms relays contacts 1 A/30 V
Power supply of laser pointer (only during adjustment)  9 V 6F22 battery
Operating temperature range  -25 to +55 degrees C
Dimensions  129mm x 80mm x 84 mm

For more information, go to www.polon-alfa.pl

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