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New Temperature Initiation Linear Heat Detection

New Temperature Initiation Linear Heat Detection

PROTECTOWIRE FIRESYSTEMS has announced the release of an advanced product line of linear heat detectors utilizing confirmed temperature initiation (CTI) sensing technology. This patented technology reaffirms the company’s tradition of developing advanced and innovative fire detection products.

Utilizing the thermoelectric effect, the new detectors have been designed to generate a more accurate heat response and eliminate false alarms caused by mechanical damage. Patents have been issued in the United States and other overseas countries.

“We are truly proud of our engineering team for developing this new product based on our proven and reliable digital linear heat detection technology that has served the industry for over seventy-five years,” said Gary Fields, Executive Vice President of The Protectowire Company, Inc. “This next generation of fire protection technology gives the marketplace better discrimination in detecting actual heat related to fire versus physical detector damage, which can be interpreted
as a false alarm in conventional heat detectors.”

The basis of CTI combines two proven and reliable technologies using the thermoelectric effect; a measurement technique that, in this application, delivers a confirmation of actual heat from combustion or fire. Most heat detectors in the industry today will erroneously interpret an electrical short caused by mechanical interference or damage as an alarm condition thereby triggering alarm sequences such as activating extinguishing systems. With CTI, any short circuit caused by mechanical damage to the detector from such things as a falling pallet inside a warehouse, would not signal a false alarm. It would be detected as a trouble or fault condition on the detection circuit.

With CTI a new approach has been taken. Protectowire FireSystems has combined the thermoelectric effect with proven digital heat detector technology and a special interface module, into a new multi-criteria detection system. The smart interface module is able to interpret electrical changes caused by heat. Using advanced confirmation protocols, the module provides reliable digital detector operation with true short circuit fault identification.

Alarms are activated only when the temperature at the alarm point exceeds the established alarm threshold, thereby providing true confirmed temperature initiation. The result is a highly accurate and reliable fire detection system for high risk commercial and industrial applications.

“We have had many specifiers, distributors and end users asking us for more refined data and accuracy for a very long time,” said John Whaling, Executive Vice President and Director of Sales. “We are happy to finally be able to deliver this advanced technology, especially in applications where a false alarm can trigger a sprinkler or foam system, causing damage or effecting production, costing the end user thousands or even millions of dollars. With short circuit fault discrimination and the ability to confirm the temperature at the alarm point, CTI is accurate and highly reliable.”

For more information, go to www.protectowire.com

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