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New Video shows how Mobile Monitoring makes Emergency Light Testing Easier

Advanced’s Lux Intelligent system also saves users time and money

A new video from global fire systems business Advanced shows how cloud monitoring now makes it easy to manage its Lux Intelligent emergency light testing system from a phone, tablet or computer, anywhere in the world.

Lux Intelligent is an addressable, automatic test system that shows all emergency lighting is compliant and functioning, with no engineer intervention required. It can be easily networked and retrofitted onto existing wiring and luminaires, keeping installation costs to a minimum. It offers a host of unique technical features and proves compliance with BS 5266-1 and BS EN 50172.

Cloud monitoring makes the system even easier and more cost effective to manage. All test data is stored safely and securely in the Lux Intelligent cloud for as long as it is needed, with all test reports accessible at any time. Multiple systems can easily be monitored and information can be selectively shared with engineering and maintenance partners so they can automatically see issues on their device. Test and maintenance reports can also be e-mailed with one click and you can see when they’ve been read.

The system works with almost any light, including LEDs, and existing lights can be easily converted. It will also work with central battery and static inverter systems. Each panel has up to four loops, each supporting 249 luminaires and panels can be networked together using standard cabling (up to 200 panels) or via the cloud (unlimited) allowing large sites or multiple sites to be easily managed and monitored.

The system employs an extensive set of testing strategies that include current and voltage monitoring, and direct light level measurement via fibre optics.

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