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OCV Control Valves

OCV Control Valves

OCV has a long history in manufacturing control valves for fire protection systems and offers a complete line of high performance listed and approved valves.

Our 74FC Series is a simple on-off deluge valve that utilizes an innovative oval design to optimize flow capacity, minimize head loss and provide accurately controlled closing and opening at all flows with drip-tight sealing.

The 74FC Series can be readily adapted to perform numerous application functions, but three common models are the Model 216FC, Model 216-3FC and Model 216-4FC. The Model 216FC Pneumatic/Hydraulic Deluge Valve is actuated by a pneumatic pilot and commonly used in deluge spray and foam-water systems.

The 74FC Series can be installed horizontally or vertically and can be maintained inline via its top entry design for easy maintenance and troubleshooting.

The Model 216-3FC Pneumatic/Electric/Hydraulic Deluge Valve is operated via a pneumatic pilot and a solenoid pilot. The 216-3FC is commonly used in offshore platforms and transportation tunnels. The 216-4FC is actuated by a solenoid pilot and commonly used in manufacturing and power plants.

Our quality system is registered to ISO 9001 and the 74FC Series is UL Listed for deluge service in globe pattern for sizes 3” through 10” as well as being an ABS Type Approved Product.


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