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Opening the door to fire safety

Fireco Ltd

Fire doors prevent the spread of fire and smoke through a building. They are specially designed to withstand fire for a certain amount of time (minimum 30 minutes) to protect the safety of building occupants and provide a safe route to get out of the building.

All fire doors should be closed in the event of a fire. This is usually achieved with a self-closing device or free-swing device. Fire doors are a vital part of a building’s fire strategy, and they can only do their job if they are closed. A wedged or propped open fire door prevents a fire door from closing, and therefore renders the fire door useless.

The safety of occupants cannot be guaranteed if a fire door is wedged open. And legally, if a building’s responsible person is judged to be putting someone’s life at risk by wedging fire doors open, they could suffer penalties.

Dorgard Pro

Fireco’s new Dorgard Pro is an easy way to comply with regulations by keeping fire doors open safely and legally, closing them automatically when a fire alarm is activated. The door units respond to a radio signal from a Fireco transmitter which can be connected to any fire alarm system. Dorgard Pro can also be activated by the sound of the alarm if this is the preferred method.

Keeping fire doors open with Dorgard Pro improves access and ventilation throughout a building. The Fireco transmitter can also be integrated with a security or lockdown system, for increased safety.

Perfect for noisy environments

Dorgard Pro features Fireco’s new SmartSound™ technology, which already knows the sound of an alarm. This means there’s no need for any complicated programming to ‘teach’ the device what an alarm sounds like before it can be used. SmartSound™ eliminates false alarms in noisy environments, useful in schools or factories, or even anywhere you use a vacuum cleaner.

Fire doors are an integral part of a building; they save lives and protect property. If you see a wedged open fire door, this is an opportunity to discuss an easy-to-install, fully compliant solution such as a Dorgard Pro.

Fireco will be on stand F200 at FIREX at London’s ExCeL from the 20-22 June. For more information visit www.fireco.uk

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