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Patol Ltd are a privately owned British Company that manufacture and supply a range of fire detection products suitable for industrial and commercial applications.

Linear Heat Detection Cable

Patol’s Linear Heat Detection Cable (LHDC) is designed to provide early detection of fires or overheating in Industrial and Commercial applications such as Car Parks, Freezers, Warehouses and Petrochemical Storage Tanks. LHDC is not adversely affected by water or dust and can be installed in most environmental conditions. Patol manufacture LHDC in a range of alarm temperatures and different technologies and is available as Digital and Analogue. LHDC is also suitable for use in ‘Hazardous’ areas with I.S. barriers.

Infrared Transit Heat Sensors

Patol manufacture early warning Transit Heat sensors designed to detect ‘black body’ emissions travelling on conveyor systems at speeds of 0.5 to 6m/s. The sensors are supplied with a selectable sensitivity and can detect temperatures as low as 100˚C. The Sensors are solar blind and will ignore static heat sources.


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