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POLFLAM glass is used both for outdoor and indoor applications. It can be fixed in any kind of fire-safe construction joinery or used in frameless systems.

POLFLAM® – Large fire-resistant glass – for indoor and outdoor application

POLFLAM is an independent European manufacturer of fire-resistant glass. The company applies its specialist technology in the production of its hydrogel. POLFLAM produce glass for varied applications, both indoor and outdoor as well as Classes EI 30 to EI 180 and this includes curved glass.

Nonetheless, the brands hallmark is glass panels of exceptionally large dimensions: 2200 x 4200 mm, and more recently even to 2420 x 4620 mm – and that was for Class EI 60.

Glazed partitions which provide maximum daylight inside the building are the dominating trend in modern architecture today. Wherever we find large-surface glazing functioning as curtain walls, we find ourselves normally limited by the glass sizes currently available in the market. This is because large-size fire-resistant glass panels are a technology challenge for manufacturers.

High-rise buildings which stipulate a fire-resistance of Class A are required to use partitions as high as Class EI 60.

Large-size fire-resistant glass is POLFLAM’s hallmark.

Large-size fire-resistant glass is POLFLAM’s hallmark.

In 2015 POLFLAM introduced Class EI 30 glass panels measuring 2200 x 4200 mm onto the European market which broke down an important technology barrier within the industry. Soon higher-class glass of the same format also made its way into the market. In September 2016, following extensive testing of the Class EI 60, in a notified laboratory, the company’s range was extended to POLFLAM® EI 60 symmetrical fire-resistant glass in a record-breaking size: 2420 x 4620 mm!

Large-sized fire-resistant glass panels mean less construction members in the partition which translates into a measurable increase of the indoor light saturation index as POLFLAM® glass has an exceptional light transmittance factor. On top of that, there is the indisputable visual effect: the huge glass panels are truly impressive.

Breaking down technology barriers is POLFLAM’s hallmark. That means that it will not take long for us to look for new solutions. The company’s research and development department has certainly not had the last word!

For more information, go to www.polflam.com

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