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Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC

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Potter’s new IntelliGenTM Series of Nitrogen Generators boasts an unparalleled level of innovation. We’ve gone beyond the norm and built the most advanced N2 units in the market while also making them the simplest to install, operate, and maintain. The IntelliGenTM Series allows installers to basically turn on the unit and walk away. The built-in IntelliGenTM Controller automatically switches modes, saving time as well as extending the life of the compressor. Additionally, the IntelliGenTM units can be connected to the internet and provide installers and end users with status reports and maintenance reminders though email notifications.

At Potter, we believe in quality, which means that our products are designed and built with care and integrity, and have been since we opened in 1898. Potter has always been committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards of excellence, and that commitment has translated into Potter becoming a global brand for fire sprinkler monitoring, fire alarm systems, and corrosion solutions.

With the industry’s only 5-year warranty on all major products, and industry leading Customer Service and Technical Support, we at Potter stand by our products even after the last screw is tightened. Potter is THE Symbol of Protection!


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