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Image courtesy of Pyroguard

Pyroguard – First in Fire Glass

Pyroguard’s core purpose is to make buildings safe, enabling the contractor to deliver the architect’s vision. Glass remains a preferred material to work with from an aesthetic perspective and Pyroguard enables industry professionals meet all their fire safety glazing requirements via a single source.

The company was formed in 1988 with an initial production focus on wired glass. Over time, as a result of in- depth research and testing, this developed into the clear fire resistant glass that now encapsulates the Pyroguard range.

The UK facility is now located in Haydock after a move from Warrington in 2002. In 2012 the company acquired a French manufacturer of fire resistant glass and now also operates from a base in Seingbouse, in the east of France. This facility boasts state of the art equipment with an on-site fire testing laboratory to assist the team in pushing innovation in the field of high performing, aesthetically stunning fire glass solutions through research and development.

Pyroguard’s fire glass is available in three main classifications known as E, EW and EI. The company also produces a toughened form of fire resistant glass, the Pyroguard T range, designed to withstand from three to five more times more pressure then average heat-resistant glazing. This is ideal for buildings in which sheet glass is a key structural component.

Pyroguard’s fire glass not only protects against fire but optimum acoustic control is also provided as a result of the resin and gel interlayers within the glass, helping to minimise intrusive urban sound pollution, ambient noise and reverberation whilst allowing plentiful natural light to enter.

Image courtesy of Pyroguard

Image courtesy of Pyroguard

To reflect increasing environmental concerns Pyroguard ensures its glass has high levels of insulation that reduce energy expenditure and overall carbon footprints.

Demand for such high specification fire glass is such that the initial markets Pyroguard targeted within the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands has expanded, with the company now reaching customers directly, and via suppliers, in France, Germany and Scandinavia.

One of Pyroguard’s key goals is to continue to expand these territories and supply complete fire glass solutions to specifiers across Europe. To achieve this, the company has made large investments in technical support.

Its technical advisor teams boasts members with the knowledge to give quality and accurate advice to customers about Pyroguard’s glazing systems and also regarding the legislation regulating them and the types of framing applications in which they can be used.

Pyroguard remains proud of its flexibility and responsiveness, with its locations and processes enabling the shortest possible lead times without any sacrifice of quality.

Irrespective of any changes and developments that may lie ahead, Pyroguard is committed to remaining First in Fire Glass- better, quicker and more responsive. As a service orientated company, it continues to raise the bar for industry standards, delivering exceptional sales and service which better meet the needs of their valued customers.

For further information, go to www.pyroguard.eu

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