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Radix Wire’s DuraLife® FPL Electrical Circuit Integrity System is UL certified to survive a fire for up to two hours then be exposed to a water blast from a fire hose with a fog nozzle applicator, which simulates a sprinkler head, and still maintain circuit integrity. The safety of building occupants is the top priority for first responders, and DuraLife UL 2196 certified 2-hour rated circuit integrity cables deliver reliability and survivability when it matters most.

Radix Wire offers one of the most expansive Electrical Circuit Integrity System in the industry. We continue to innovate and improve our DuraLife cable offerings to meet industry standards and real life installation challenges. Under the UL 2196 Standard, Radix leads the market by offering shielded and unshielded constructions, a 2-hour rated splice, the most sizes and conductor options.

New for 2017 are DuraLife FPLP-CI Unshielded UL 2196 2-hour certified fire resistive cables, patent pending. Designed for free-air applications, DuraLife FPLP-CI cables are flexible for easier installation, come in multiple sizes (12 through 18 AWG), and meet NFPA 262 for plenum rating.

To find out more about DuraLife FPL and FPLP-CI cables, stop by the Radix booth to speak with our circuit integrity experts.


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