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Grease easily builds up in restaurant hoods, flues, and fans which poses a great fire risk. Keeping the kitchen consistently clean is crucial to maintaining a safe operation.

To mitigate the risk of a catastrophic fire, Restaurant Technologies has designed the AutoMist system to automatically clean hoods, flues and fans daily through a spray mixture of detergent and water. AutoMist is designed to eliminate the hazardous buildup of grease in food service kitchens.

The AutoMist system minimizes fire risk every day by keeping the hood, flue, and fan area clean. Hood inspection frequency is dependent on cooking operations. If upon inspection a hood is found dirty, cleaning must occur. With daily automatic cleanings, grease is no longer gradually building up between cleanings and making a mess of the hood system.

Unlike water wash hood technology, AutoMist covers the hood, flue and fan. The programmable delivery system that contains cleaning solution automatically controls when cleaning is initiated. By installing sprayers along the hood and up the flue to the exhaust fan, every nook and cranny gets cleaned. AutoMist can be installed into existing exhaust structures, and retrofit into most configurations.


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