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Safespill Systems LLC

Safespill Systems LLC

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Safespill Systems has developed the solution to storing flammable liquids in plastic IBC’s, drums and smaller containers at the fraction of the cost of a fire rated cut off room.

The Flammable Liquids Solution, or FLS, integrates Safespill’s flooring technology with FM approved deluge and detection systems. With a footprint of only 400 sq. ft., the system can store up to 18 plastic IBC totes stacked 3 high or a combination of totes, drums and smaller containers. An integrated deluge system floods the enclosure with 350+ GPM of sprinkler water ensuring no fire can develop inside the enclosure. Sprinkler water and flammable liquids are removed through the Safespill flooring profiles and pumped to designated containment.

The unit is completely pre-engineered and can be installed close to where the liquids are used within a facility, minimizing forklift traffic of flammable liquids. Safespill also offers a tailored spill containment and removal flooring system for loading docks, blending stations or other areas sensitive to spills. These systems can be retrofitted in existing facilities without needing to cut concrete preventing significant downtime.


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