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Set sail for lighter weight and fire safety!

Paroc launches new Light Marine insulations

Paroc, a leading European manufacturer of stone wool insulations, embarks on a new project called Light Marine. The initiative will provide naval architects and shipyard specifiers with a new offering of lightweight solutions for fire insulated decks and bulkheads, suited for weight critical projects.

Among the first products to receive Light Marine treatment are Paroc’s solutions for A-class steel decks and bulkheads. From now on, PAROC Marine Navis Slab 60 will offer less weight, yet outstandingly high fire protection, as well as thermal and sound insulation properties.

Up to this date, fire safety, non-combustibility, easy installation, numerous facing alternatives combined with a simplicity of the product range have been the most important advantages offered by Paroc Marine insulations, followed by top-notch thermal and acoustic characteristic. The Light Marine project combines these properties with a significantly lower weight, creating new opportunities for the specifiers in terms of lightship and deadweight tonnage.

The solutions for A-class fire protection with the PAROC Marine Navis Slab 60 can be seen below:

Paroc’s marine and offshore solutions meet the highest requirements regarding fire, thermal and acoustic performance. The determination of non-combustibility in accordance with IMO FTP Code Part 1 has been performed for all PAROC Marine insulations.

For more information please visit: www.paroc.com/lightmarine

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