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An Emaar electrician at work installing Thermarestor in a distribution board at Dubai Shopping Mall.

Thermarestor – Goes from strength to strength

The latter months of 2017 have been a busy time for the Thermarestor team, both across the UK and internationally as the unique value of Thermarestor’s alerts to an impending electrical fire become more widely installed and appreciated.

Before exhibiting at Intersec, Dubai in January 2017, Thermarestor was installed to monitor the fixed wiring installations at Emirates Fire Fighting Equipment Factory (FIREX), in Sharjah, UAE. Using a stand-alone alarm system and utilising wireless connections throughout the factory the site was divided into 4 alarm zones with both local and remote monitoring.

On Sunday, 24th September 2017, notification was received within the UK that the alarm system within the Sharjah factory had experienced an incident. An email confirmation was received that a Thermarestor device within Zone 1 of the factory had activated after detecting abnormal heating within one of the electrical distribution boards being monitored. The on-site electrical engineer investigated the event and discovered signs of overheating in the vicinity of the incoming supply connections. The electrical supply to the board was immediately isolated, thus allowing remedial works to be carried out.

There is no doubt that this incident once again demonstrated Thermarestor’s unique ability to provide a very early warning and avoid the possibility of a fire of electrical origin. On this occasion, Themarestor probably saved the factory complex from a catastrophic conflagration.

Technical Director Brian Hill explains to two visitors how Thermarestor provides unique thermal monitoring during the Oman OFSEC Exhibition at Muscat in October.

Technical Director Brian Hill explains to two visitors how Thermarestor provides unique thermal monitoring during the Oman OFSEC Exhibition at Muscat in October.

Since then, Thermarestor has embarked upon a pilot project at the Emaar Dubai Mall in the UAE. This is the world’s largest shopping mall with more than 750,000 visitors a week, and the complex is adjacent to the Burj Khalifa, at 828 metres the world’s tallest building. Thermarestor protection has now been installed to an electrical distribution board and is linked to the Building Management System, allowing permanent monitoring and transmission of any overheat event.

In the United Kingdom, electrical fire safety in domestic white goods remains a highly topical concern. It is a salient fact that the disastrous and tragic fire in London’s Grenfell Tower in June 2017 is thought to have originated in a fridge-freezer in the kitchen, whilst in the UK alone there are estimated to be some 2 million kitchen appliances that are still subject to an ongoing manufacturer’s recall due to the risk of fire.

Following another white goods fatal fire, this time in a dwelling in the North Wales region attributed to an electrical fault in a tumble dryer, the subject has been raised in Parliament several times and received wide coverage in national and local media. Unsurprisingly, Thermarestor have since been inundated with enquiries regarding its innovative life-saving product, and are currently in discussions with representatives of a number of major projects and national heritage sites, and several fire and safety associations representing various sectors. In addition, Thermarestor are currently working with a UK based manufacturer of domestic appliances, in order to produce a range of white goods having an enhanced level of fire safety.

Following several expressions of interest in their range of products, the team visited the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in May and look forward to returning before the end of the year. Thermarestor have also been busy on the exhibition front in recent times, with a presence at the UK Emergency Services Show at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre in September, and a stand at the OFSEC event in Muscat in October, as part of the UK Department of International Trade delegation. The Thermarestor team will again be at the annual Intersec Expo in Dubai in January 2018 to support what is probably the fastest-growing international fire safety show.

This year has demonstrated a growing momentum in Themarestor’s unique ability to prevent electrical fires. By detecting excessive heating of electrical connections, wiring, components or equipment, it offers a pre-ignition solution to a global problem.

For more information, go to www.thermarestor.co.uk

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