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Stand 3-G33

Technology Transforming Fire Safety – the risk of fire exists with almost everything that has an electrical source of supply – on average; there are 25,000 fires of an electrical origin each year in the UK. Unfortunately, the problem isn’t just confined to the UK – it’s global. Thermarestor is a unique and innovative way of preventing such fires. As a heat detection system for electrical connections and components it offers a pre-ignition solution to the problem. By permanently monitoring such points it can sense the presence of excessive heat and provide early warning, in order to avoid a potential fire. Where the electrical supply is via an RCD (GFCI) it can automatically disconnect the supply and remove the source of ignition. As a fire prevention system, Thermarestor provides protection against electrical faults and overloads – wherever they may occur within the electrical installation. It can be installed to new and existing installations, allowing thermal monitoring of incoming supplies, distribution boards, switchgear and accessories, such as socket outlets. Connection to existing fire alarm and building management systems is simple and straightforward and provides a highly effective means of notifying occupants of any overheat conditions. This allows such incidents to be investigated as maintenance issues – avoiding the need for an emergency response.


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