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TLX Technologies

TLX Technologies

TLX Technologies will introduce our next generation supervised fire suppression actuator at the NFPA Expo in Las Vegas. This new revision of TLX’s actuator meets required UL and NFPA wiring codes and standards and includes an internal supervisory mechanism that ensures the actuator is properly installed on the discharge valve of the extinguishing agent storage container. Integration of the supervision mechanism eliminates the need for any additional components, connections and wire paths; resulting in a streamlined, NFPA compliant solution.

The supervised latching solenoid actuator comes standard with six wires. Two wires are used for activation and four are used for supervision of both the actuator placement as well as connection to the fire panel. Factory-wired leads fed through an integrated conduit port in the housing have been added to meet the UL and NFPA wire codes required on all fire suppression actuators.

TLX’s actuator is a recognized component to UL 864 and meets the requirements of NFPA 2001 (Sec., UL 2166, UL 2127 and FM 5600. The supervision on the actuator allows for fully engaged installation detection to be configured to your exact needs. Rugged construction, ultra-fast response and the ability to be reset ensures reliable and outstanding performance over the actuator’s entire 15-year life span.

For over 15 years, TLX Technologies has worked with manufacturers to develop and manufacture custom actuators and valves to meet the challenging demands of active fire suppression systems.


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