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Victaulic Introduces New Fast Installing FireLockTM Installation-Ready™ Fittings

Victaulic, the world’s leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining and fire protection systems, has introduced its new FireLockTM Installation-Ready™ Fittings. The fittings – including 45° and 90° elbows and a tee – require fewer bolts, resulting in faster, simpler installation and maintenance and a safer and more efficient jobsite.

Offering the same installation simplicity as the popular FireLock EZ™ Rigid Coupling Style 009N – as well as its convenience as a single-unit design solution – the new fittings provide fast, easy pipe connections with no need to disassemble.


Standard grooved pipe and accessories are easily joined by simply pushing the Installation-Ready™ elbow onto the pipe and tightening three bolts, versus the standard four, therefore removing the preparation and lifting phases of two additional steps, and installing in less than half the time of conventional fittings. Additionally, the new tee now joins with four bolts instead of six.

Victaulic FireLock Installation-Ready Fittings also reduce the number of parts on a jobsite, minimizing the jobsite inventory and material handling by reducing the number of times the sprinkler fitter needs to go up and down the lift or ladder. In addition to less parts, the Installation-Ready Fittings have no loose parts to drop or lose minimizing jobsite inventory and material handling on-site, therefore reducing the risk of personnel injury.


“Victaulic FireLock Installation-Ready Couplings changed the way that fire protection systems are planned and implemented when safety, installation speed, efficiency and reliability are priorities,” says Stephen Traynor, Victaulic Division Manager Middle East. “Installation-Ready Fittings are the logical progression for our customers. Because the new one piece fittings require fewer steps to install, the result is consistently faster pipe joints and up to 75% less jobsite inventory, allowing contractors to optimize crew size and to better manage their labour risks, making it an overall more reliable solution.”

Victaulic FireLock Installation-Ready Fittings No. 101 (90° Elbow), 102 (Tee), 103 (45° Elbow) are available in 1 ¼ – 2 ½ inch/DN32-DN65 sizes.

For more information, go to www.victaulicfire.com

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