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VIGIL2 from Baldwin Boxall

Baldwin Boxall designs and manufactures quality voice alarm (VA), public address (PA) and emergency voice communication (EVC) systems and ancillaries. The VIGIL2 VA range includes the Unitouch touchscreen paging and control station – an increasingly popular choice for end users, particularly on the larger networked systems.

In addition to the large rack VA systems, Baldwin Boxall also manufactures the VIGIL Eclipse3 – a compact, fully contained, wall-mountable VA/PA system. The smaller size, however, does not mean that there is any compromise on quality. The unit uses the same DSP-controlled router as for the manufacturer’s largest systems, meaning it has the same features – most notable is the fact that it multiple units can be easily networked. It also has a modular design, making it incredibly flexible.

The company’s VIGIL Omnicare EVC system is well-established and considered to be the premium choice for many sites. The first system of its kind on the market, Omnicare has a loop wired configuration and includes many options for type and style of outstation. The latest addition to the range is the stainless steel Advance refuge remote – featuring great style and functionality.

To complement Omnicare, the radial wired CARE2 EVC system was developed. This system features a rotary dial and LCD display method of control. Both EVC systems include the ability to connect the system to a local fire alarm panel.

Services include system design, quotation, technical training, commissioning and maintenance.

Baldwin Boxall systems are installed in some of the most important and prestigious buildings throughout the world.

For more information please visit www.baldwinboxall.co.uk


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